Regal H-1 Grasshopper Clock

By ProClocks


ProClocks is proud to introduce the Regal H-1 Grasshopper Clock.  It is the latest design of the famous grasshopper clock series, and it is the largest and most impressive model ever developed. This clock comes in both a console floor model ($15,500) and a table model ($14,000).

Floor Model
It stands approximately 7 feet high on its mahogany floor cabinet.  Although the pictures do not show the glass enclosed dome, it has a front door to easily access the clock to wind it.  The movement plates are fully milled and close to 1/2 inch thick.  It is fully ruby jeweled throughout.  Look closely at the details of each component. 

Table model
It has an ebony base with the same meticulously designed movement, but one that can be placed on any table or free stand.  

Total production offered of this Regal H-1 Harrison Grasshopper Clock by ProClocks is 20 pieces. 

Be one of the lucky 20 individuals to order and purchase this limited production clock in the table or floor model today.  ProClocks will be selling a total of 20 clocks only.  To order or request additional information, contact


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The Shipping Charge for the Table Model is $600. 

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