Learn About ProClocks

At ProClocks Inc., we specialize in fine antique clocks and authentic reproduction clocks from the past. We search the world over for the finest and most collectible clocks for your home and/or collection. 

ProClocks is America's largest antique and collectible clock dealer. Please explore our site and discover the range of products and services we have to offer.

Robert Crowder, owner of ProClocks, Inc., has been involved with antique clocks for over 30 years with retail and wholesale clock sales. To acquire antique clocks, Bob attends numerous clock displays and sales gatherings in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Bob has traveled with many of his findings from major foreign cities like London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, and Beijing. His clock factories in Tianjin and Shanghai, China produce exquisite replicas of Victorian clocks.

Why our clocks are better

ProClocks has a long tradition of recreating classic designs from the past and making them available for your enjoyment at a reasonable cost. Our craftsmen employ many of the old world techniques when creating your special clock.

Typically, a classic model from the past arrives at our design studio as little more than a photograph and some notes. The original patent drawings are usually unavailable, and blue prints do not exist. If a working example of the piece can be found,we will attempt to purchase one. Most times however; this is not possible as some of the models we produce are museum pieces, or of such scarcity as to be prohibitively expensive to obtain.

Working with skilled artisans, we make drawings and blue prints to exacting specifications using time honored methods and techniques. The machining of parts is executed to precise tolerances and exacting specifications by master clock makers. We use quality materials, like real porcelain and brass, there are never any plastic parts used in the manufacture of our clocks.

The development of a classic reproduction can take as long as five years just to research and create the parts as close to the original as possible. Once production begins we manufacture very limited quantities of any one model. This means when you purchase a ProClocks quality clock it is one of only a few hundred in the world. This level of exclusivity is a desirable trait, when one considers the clock will likely become a family heirloom passed down through generations.

All our reproductions are actual mechanical clocks, not mock-ups with quartz movements. A ProClocks piece is most assuredly a genuine mechanical clock with all the parts working together just like the original. It is like having the very piece that was made, in some cases a century ago, only new and guaranteed to work.

When you consider the purchase of a high end clock for your home or collection, remember the old adage “you get what you pay for”. It is not hard to make a clock look pretty, or appear to be the same as a rare and beautiful piece, but it is very difficult and time consuming to create these works of art the way ProClocks does. Our clocks have value, in the craftsmanship, the materials and the historical accuracy that has gone into each piece. The value and quality of a ProClocks limited run edition is miles ahead of the competition.

We hope you will find the perfect piece here on our website. We also have a retail showroom in West Chester, Ohio where many of these clocks are available for retail sale.

Clock Manufacturing

ProClocks manufactures unique designs and genuine replicas of Victorian timepieces. See our Online Catalog for details. Many of our timepieces are exquisite and rare collectables in the clock market today. Although they are recently made, they often represent limited recreations of very desirable and novel horological pieces, which are found almost exclusively in Clock Museums and notable Private Collections around the world. Each piece is made with extensive quality controls, checks and reviews, which are routinely conducted before each piece is completed.

Clock Sales

ProClock's new clock sales include many antique and various hand-crafted reproductions of Victorian collectible clocks. Clock types include swinging and rolling plane mystery clocks, skeleton clocks, porcelain clocks, perpetual calendar clocks, novelty clocks, and more. See our Online Catalog for photos, descriptions, and pricing of our clock selection. For a personalized visit to our showroom, e-mail Bob to set up a convenient time.

We display over 200 antique clocks in our showroom, ranging from early 1810 American wood works clocks, to Victorian chime and cuckoo clocks. Our Online Catalog features the most unique and special items from our collection. These are only a few samples from our vast inventory. Since ProClocks manufactures our own line of collectible Victorian Timepieces, we are offering distribution and wholesale prices to multiple-quantity purchasers from clock shops and other distributors. Email for more infornation on distributor representative status.

Dial Replacement

ProClocks hand-crafts replacement porcelain dials for all clocks. See the Porcelain Dial section for more information. We can also produce any clock part to your specifications, and are now producing Hermle replacement movements. See our list of movements available for replacement.