Clock Dial Replacement

The Old Dial Problem 

Thousands of valuable antique clocks in homes, shops, and at shows, suffer from a major problem - an old damaged porcelain dial. Throughout many years of reliable timekeeping, a clock's porcelain dial can easily chip or break, due to the fragile nature of the porcelain material.

The New Dial Solution

ProClocks is the only source in the United States that can genuinely and completely reproduce your original porcelain dial. Not a repair, not a paper look-a-like, but a new identical porcelain dial.   We can work with any shape, color, or size, up to 13 inches in diameter. We can also produce custom dials for clockmakers, or hobbyists who want to add a creative touch to their clock creation. Just provide the design, and each dial will be custom made, complete with production signatures, if desired.  The painstaking labor is performed just like the original dial was produced. These exact replicas are hand-made by skilled Old World craftsmen of the trade. The dial's numerals and letters are hand-painted on fired porcelain, instead of using imitation decals on paper.  Additionally, we also repair porcelain statue clocks. We repair only the part that is damaged, then carefully blend it to match the original color.

ProClocks is proud to announce that we were chosen to provide the multiple dials for the most complicated clock in the world being made through Mark Frank's creative imaginations.  It consists of over 10,000 parts and 1,000 gears to provide a masterpiece of modern horological development.  Due to be completed in 2015, it has finally been completed in 2022. ProClocks made all the porcelain dials for this most complicated mechanical clock in the world, including all the planetary and time dials for this clock.

Listed below are current charges for reproducing your porcelain dial:

Dial Size Est. Price
0" - 4" $120
4" - 6" $140
6" - 8" $165
8" - 9" $195
9" - 10" $220
10" - 11" $255
11" - 13" $325

To receive a more accurate quote:
  1. Photocopy your original dial (exact size)
  2. On the copy, note its size and color 
  3. Note your personal information (Name, Address, Phone#, Email) 
  4. Specify how you'd like to be contacted.
  5. Send to

Or ship your dial directly to:
ProClocks, Inc.
4305 Eagle Landing Pkwy
Orange Park, FL 32065
To avoid C.O.D. charges, send your check with your damaged dial. Most orders take 12 - 24 weeks to complete.
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