Harrison Grasshopper Clock

By ProClocks


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Harrison Style Grasshopper Clock.  Here is our latest version of the Harrison Grasshopper Skeleton Clock. It measures 17 x 13 inches, and it has a great pair of porcelain dials showing the seconds on the upper dial and time on the lower dial. This special Grasshopper Escapement Skeleton Clock has several updated aspects. Firstly, it has a front door that opens to allow winding without having to lift the large dome off the clock. Then you do not have to worry about breaking the dome while winding the clock. It also has a beautiful square base with a drawer to hold the matching key. No chance of misplacing it, when you have a drawer to put it in. This model Grasshopper Clock is the absolute latest in our ProClocks Design and Development of Innovative and Creative Clocks for the Collector. It runs on a fusee cable and the whole clock is 24K Gold Plated. Today we are the only makers of such a beautiful piece with these innovations. Being on the cutting edge of Horological Development is right where ProClocks is today. Compare our Harrison Style 24K Plated Grasshopper Clock to others being made at a cost of over $10,000. You will absolutely love our clock.

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