Tourbillion Escapement Crystal Regulator

By ProClocks


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Here is one clock you definitely have never seen before. It is called the Tourbillion Escapement Skeleton Table Clock, patented by Brequet in the early 1800's. Please look at the pictures of this clock, since it is a true lesson to learn. The clock looks like a traditional skeleton clock within a wood and bevelled glass case. But, please look very closely at the escapement placed just below the numeral '12'. You can see it appears to be a traditional visible lever escapement. As with other clocks, when the clock is running, the escapement rotates back and forth, as other watches and clocks work. BUT, here is the kicker--in addition to the rotating, the whole escapement you see actually ROTATES in a Clockwise Circular Fashion, as the clock is running. Yes, the complete escapement does move around in a circle. Not since the experimental tourbillion clock of 1850 or so by Brequet, has this clock been made, and never in a production model. Now, ProClocks is offering this very special clock to you in a most limited production. The clock has a 24 karat gold finish on the complete movement, and it is signed by ProClocks, the only company to make this spectacular clock. All four sides of the clock are thick bevelled glass, and the wood top and bottom bases are richly polished with a mirror-like finish, like a new Steinway Piano. The crisp sounding bell sets on top of the clock and has a passing strike on the hour. But, the amazement comes in the rotating escapement which is very visible in the front of the clock. It comes in a spectacular padded and richly produced gift box, so it is ready for your special person to receive it. It has no reserve, so bid away and own this magnificent clock soon. Others may try to make this clock, but they are not good examples of the clock, and have running problems. Just look at the beauty of our Tourbillion Clock. In an upscale Clock Shop, our clock will be priced in the $2,000-$2,500 price range, so you can imagine the quality of this terrific clock.

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