54" Trumpeter Cuckoo Clock-Hunting Scene

By ProClocks


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Trumpeter Cuckoo Clock  It is hand carved with deep wood carvings throughout, which runs eight days. It measures 44 inches to the bottom of the case and 54 inches from the top of the horns to the pendulum, and is 30 inches wide.  It is a 3 winder spring driven movement--no pulling of weights.  It has the traditional hunting scene with the heavy hand carved rabbit and pheasant on the sides of the case, with a stag on the top.  It cuckoos every quarter hour, and then after cuckooing on the hour, the trumpeter comes out and trumpets his horn the appropriate hours.  Clock shops will have a price tag of over $5,000 on a nicely carved example like this one. Get a cuckoo clock you will enjoy having and showing to your firends. We have a limited production of only 10 pieces worldwide.

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