Helical Hairspring Demostrative Escapement

By ProClocks


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Helical Hairspring Demostrative Escapement.  Here is the first Demostrative Helical Hairspring Escapement Clock Movement by ProClocks, and only ProClocks Worldwide. It is the famous Helical Hairspring Escapement, in Chrome with extensive engravings and also made with absolutely beautiful large Ruby Red Jewels and Hand Blued Screws. This escapement is absolutely the nicest demonstrative movement that has ever been made, and by ProClocks.  It measures a large 8 inches in diameter and 6 inches high, made on an ebony finished base, with a crystal glass dome protecting it. It runs for about 5 days in duration, with its very large helical hairspring, and it is fully signed on the lower Chrome Plated base.  It sets on three chrome bun feet and it winds unobtrusively from the bottom. This demostrative movement has absolutely great movement action of its spring and escape wheel. If you are a Jewelry Store or a Clock Shop, it is a tremendous Eye Catcher for your prospective customers. For you collectors, it will fascinate all of your friends to see the large precision designed pieces work so delicately together. Each demostrative escapement is numbered. You will be truly impressed with our demostrative helical hairspring escapement, with its design and demonstrating visual rotation action.

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