Musical Advertising Yokohama Rubber Cigarette Lighter

By ProClocks


Musical Advertising Yolohama Rubber Cigarette Lighter.  Here is one of the rarest cigarette lighters you will find. It is the top of the line for the collector. There are so many pluses about it, that it would be the best piece in lots of collections. Firstly, it is a cigarette lighter, and used very little, if at all. It has the original box, with the directions for use. It is an advertising cigarette lighter also, with the name made into the case of it. It is the Yokohama Rubber Company, LTD., and has their trademark on the front of the lighter, in addition to their name. The case is made in enameling, another plus for it, and in absolutely fantastic condition. Now, it just happens to have a music box in it, which plays when the lighter is used. It winds from the bottom, and in fact the music sounds very nice. Put all of these great attributes together, and it makes for a delightful advertising, enamel, lighter, musical collectible from about 1930.

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