Brass Case Ferris Wheel Crystal Regulator

By ProClocks


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Brass Case Ferris Wheel Crystal Regulator.  ProClocks is proud to offer you one of the rarest clocks you will ever see. It is called the Rolling Ball Bearing Crystal Regulator, or Ferris Wheel Crystal Regulator. The clock stands an amazing 22 inches high, 11 inches wide, and also 11 inches deep. It has a very special movement which is Never Wound!   Instead, you periodically place a group of 15 large ball bearings (2" in diameter) into the top 'tray' of the clock in the designated channels, where they 'line up' to work their way down the ferris wheel to propel the clock, and finally end up in the drawer in the bottom of the clock. This is really a most amazing clock, with its special ball bearing weight driven movement in a crystal regulator case. It is lightly gold plated and quite heavy, weighing in at about 50 pounds with the ball bearings installed. The clock has a magnificent porcelain dial in arabic numerals with floral paintings, and minute disignations with markings. It has a visible escapement just under the numeral '12'. It has also a barometer and a thermometer in it. The ferris wheel revolving shelves have a diameter of 7 inches inside the case. To access the balls on the top of the case, the lion cover is simply lifted off, and the balls are placed into the channels. There is a significant amount of french style lattice work on the case, all of which is gold plated. Also, it has thick beveled glass on all four sides. It looks almost identical to the one from the turn of the century (1890) that is located in the Forbidden City Clock Collection in Beijing. It was given to the Last Emperor by the French Government, as a token of friendship between the countries, since the French Government knew that Emperor Qian Long was an avid clock collector. It is pictured in the Palace Museum Clocks of the Forbidden City, page 244, which is a full page color picture. It has an eight day platform escapement weight driven movement, and it is in excellent running condition. It is an amazing clock which you will absolutely love. If you desire one special clock, of absolute quality, then this one should be for you. In an upscale clock shop, this clock would be priced over $5,000.  Limited to 20 pieces worldwide.  It will be shipped with some partial assembly required.

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